CRACKER Blender add-on (new v1.7)

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3 Tools in 1 package. (New V1.7)

It's difficult to overestimate how cracks affect the overall appearance of an object or a scene. Cracks can be found everywhere, from pavement stones to ancient ruins. Despite this, it is one of the most difficult things to model. Until now!

The Cracker add-on is a handy little tool for making cracks as easily as possible. Select an object, press Ctrl + w, adjust for the desired appearance, and apply. It's really that simple. You can now create cracks at the speed of thought!


Physics-Based Grounding: Automatically places cracked objects at ground level.

Instant Visual Feedback: See adjustments on your model in real-time.

Streamlined Workflow: Intuitive hotkeys speed up your process.

Stomper Tool (Ctrl + R): Create cracks and displace cracked objects afterward.

Material Breaker (Alt + Y): Perfect for shattering windows.

Detail Control: Adjust crack detail on-the-fly with your mouse wheel.

Multiple Cracks: Hold 'Shift' when hitting 'Apply' to add another crack without separating the object.

Chip Off Function (Ctrl/Cmd): Want a piece chipped off? It's a click away.

Versatile Viewpoints: Operates from any angle - orthographic or perspective.

Customizable Cracks: Adjust rotation, noise scale, width, move, bend, and more.

Randomizer: Get unique cracks every time with random rotations and positions around an object's origin.

Cracked Surface Material: Choose a material for the cracked surface or leave it unassigned.

Physically Based Grounding: Press Ctrl+Shift+LMB to drop the cracked piece to the ground. Note that this feature uses rigid body simulation; don't forget to add ground object to your scene with passive rigid body settings.

P.S. If you didn't see the cracked piece after operation, it means it flew away during the simulation. Press ctrl+Z to undo and try a different angle for the crack, or check for obstructed objects nearby.

S key for Noise adjustments:

R key for rotation:

G key to move:

T key for width:

B key to bend:

D key for displacement amount:

Shift + C to move crack to the 3d cursor position:

Mouse wheel for details:

Q key for Taper:

Ctrl/Cmd to delete the smallest piece:

Multiple cracks with the SHIFT button:

Shift + LMB allows continuing placing cracks without splitting an object.

the Stomper tool v1.0 - Ctrl+R

Select one or more objects, place the 3d cursor (Shift+RMB) on to impact point, and hit Ctrl+R to activate the Stomper tool. LMB to Apply. RMB to Cancel.

the Stomper tool v1.0 works only on horizontal (XY coordinates) surfaces.

the Breaker tool v1.2 - Alt+Y

Select an object (Glass) > Press Alt+Y in Object mode and choose the Breaker tool. Adjust for desired look.

the Breaker tool v1.2 works only with Blender v3.4.0 or higher.

Can't brake round objects like Vase, Cups etc. 

PS Pattern is not real or physically correct.

Cracker v1.7:

  • New Glass Breaking Patterns.
  • 3D Cursor Positioning for Glass Breaking Pattern
  • Select & Apply Functionality: Skip the face selection process! Now, you can directly activate the Glass Breaker.
  • Material Assignment for the Inside of Cracks
  • Adjust Crack Size with Ctrl + Mouse Wheel
  • Other minor but useful changes

Cracker v1.5:

  • New Glass Breaker tool.
  • Add-on preferences to change the hotkeys.

Cracker v1.3:

  • New Stomper tool.
  • Shift+LMB to place Multiple Cracks without object separation.
  • Shift+C to move the Crack to the 3d cursor position.

Cracker v1.2.1:

  • bug fixes

Cracker v1.2:

  • Hold SHIFT for precise adjustments.
  • Q key for Taper.
  • Small tweaks in handling.

NOTE! The Cracker works with real geometry and can ruin your model (and it will), so please make a backup copy of an object or scene beforehand. (crucial for production environment)


DISCORD Server for SUPPORT and hanging out with fellow users:



Wants to have even more small damages for your model? the Cracker works perfectly with the OCD add-on:

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CRACKER Blender add-on (new v1.7)

16 ratings
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