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It's difficult to overestimate how cracks affect the overall appearance of an object or a scene. Cracks can be found everywhere, from pavement stones to ancient ruins. Despite this, it is one of the most difficult things to model. Until now!

The Cracker add-on is a handy little tool for making cracks as easily as possible. Select an object, press Ctrl + w, adjust for the desired appearance, and apply. It's really that simple. You can now create cracks at the speed of thought!


• Instant visual feedback – Any adjustments instantly appear on your model in realtime. 

• Streamlined workflow – Hotkeys! 

• Stomper tool – Not only make cracks but displace cracked objects after. (ctrl + R)

• Low poly or detailed, you decide - You can adjust the amount of details by mouse wheel.

• Multiple cracks – Want to continue the cracks within the same object? Hold the Shift button when Apply.

• Ctrl/Cmd function – Want to chip off a piece? Hold the Ctrl (Cmd) button.

• Works from any view angle – Doesn't have to be Top or Side view. The Cracker doesn't care if the view is orthographic or perspective either.

• Makes the crack you want - Rotation, noise scale, width, move, bending, etc. 

• Built-in randomizer - Crack will appear with random Rotation and Position around an object's origin. 

S key for Noise adjustments:

R key for rotation:

G key to move:

T key for width:

B key to bend:

D key for displacement amount:

Shift + C to move crack to the 3d cursor position:

Mouse wheel for details:

Q key for Taper:

Ctrl/Cmd to delete the smallest piece:

Multiple cracks with the SHIFT button:

Shift + LMB allows continuing placing cracks without splitting an object.

the Stomper tool v1.0 - Ctrl+R

Select one or more objects, place the 3d cursor (Shift+RMB) on to impact point, and hit Ctrl+R to activate the Stomper tool. LMB to Apply. RMB to Cancel.

the Stomper tool v1.0 works only on horizontal (XY coordinates) surfaces.

Cracker v1.3:

  • New Stomper tool.
  • Shift+LMB to place Multiple Cracks without object separation.
  • Shift+C to move the Crack to the 3d cursor position.

Cracker v1.2.1:

  • bug fixes

Cracker v1.2:

  • Hold SHIFT for precise adjustments.
  • Q key for Taper.
  • Small tweaks in handling.

NOTE! The Cracker works with real geometry and can ruin your model (and it will), so please make a backup copy of an object or scene beforehand. (crucial for production environment)


DISCORD Server for SUPPORT and hanging out with fellow users:



Wants to have even more small damages for your model? the Cracker works perfectly with the OCD add-on:

  • Blender add-on

  • Blender add-on


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